Industry Leadership


Avoiding a 'No-Deal' Brexit

The CPA has continually lobbied government and policy makers to avoid a no-deal Brexit. Along with other construction industry bodies, the CPA has written to the Prime Minister, urging for greater clarity and certainty on the future relationship between the UK and the EU. 

Many of the CPA's recent Economic Forecasts cite Brexit uncertainty as fundamental to the fortunes of the construction industry. Contracts for new major offices projects, for example, have fallen sharply since the EU Referendum due to concerns from investors over long-term economic prospects and returns.  Similarly, infrastructure forecasts are increasingly being revised down as projects are delayed or cancelled. 

A no-deal Brexit would not merely exacerbate an already difficult market environment; rather, it would in all likelihood bring massive short-term disorder and potentially long-lasting damage. This would fall not only upon our own workforce and businesses, but on millions of our clients and end-users ranging from homeowners to government agencies and local authorities who we will rely on to grow our businesses.  

It is vital that Government and MPs of all persuasions speak to firms across construction and the wider economy in their constituencies to understand fully the issues, work together quickly to ensure that no deal is not an option and agree on a solution that ensures a deal in the best interests of the construction industry and UK economy.