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Latest Developments 

  • The CPA is a member of Construction Products Europe (CPE), the Brussels-based trade organisation representing our colleagues in the EU. CPE has produced a helpful ‘Brexit FAQ’ for placing construction products on the GB market and the EU market when manufactured on the respective other side. The CPA was a contributor to this FAQ.

  • The CPA has produced a Brexit Update document: 'Outstanding area of concern not resolved by the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement'. This information is being shared with the Construction Leadership Council. 

  • An initial reaction to the news of the EU-UK Trade Deal by CPA Economics Director, Noble Francis, can be found in Construction News. 

  • The CPA's Economics Team has produced this list of tariff rates (and changes from pre-Brexit) for importing construction products, which members may find useful. Download the list of tariff rates.

  • The CPA's Technical Team has produced a document outlining UK Conformity Assessment Changes Construction Product Manufacturers have to undertake from 1st January 2021. Download the document.

  • This one page explainer outlines actions for businesses to take now that the Transition period has ended. Download the document.

  • The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has launched a series of new, on demand videos to help businesses familiarise themselves with the new rules and the actions they should take. Businesses can find out more about 18 topics, including importing and exporting, trade, data, and audit and accounting. Register now to immediately access the video content

Useful Guidance from BEIS
The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has provided the CPA with a list of useful guidance and resources as part of our participation as a Trade Association Member in its Brexit Business Readiness Forum. 

Resources for traders on border readiness: