Industry Leadership

General Election 2024

These are the main asks for our industry that we are putting forward at this General Election.

1. Support for a policy framework promoting growth, innovation, and performance

Construction product manufacturers can play an important part in supporting growth for the UK. Our industry accounts for the third largest manufacturing sector in the country, and has an annual turnover of £62.5 billion. To progress towards growth, our industry needs partnership from government.

2. Support the transition to a more sustainable built environment

The construction products sector is essential to the delivery of a low carbon, resource efficient built environment. Manufacturers create the products that help make structures more energy efficient, capture renewable energy, protect from flooding and deliver the comfort and services a modern society demands. Support from government for these goals is crucial.

3. Mission-oriented policy goals with consistent, long-term investment

Construction product manufacturing is an enabling industry which can support a number of government policy goals, from house building to levelling up. Commitment to these goals and support for these at a local and national level will give the industry confidence in a pipeline of work.

Did you know?