Technical and Regulatory Intelligence

Product Regulations

The Construction Products Regulation sets down the rules under which construction products are marketed within the UK and the EU-27 Member States. Its aim is to break down technical barriers to trade in construction products within the European Economic Area.

The CPR took full effect on 1st July 2013 under which it became mandatory for manufacturers to draw up a Declaration of Performance and to apply the CE marking to any of their construction products which are covered by a harmonised European standard or conform to a European Technical Assessment and are ‘placed on the market’. Thus, construction products have to conform to a common technical language used throughout the UK and the EU-27 Member States.

The Regulation lays down seven Building Requirements for Construction Works (BRCW) and it is a necessity that construction products enable the finished works to comply with these building requirements.

By definition a construction product is any product or ‘kit’ which is produced and placed on the market for permanent incorporation within a construction works or a part thereof and the performance of which has an effect on the performance of the construction works with respect to the BRCW.

The CPR also includes mandatory requirements for importers, distributors, certification and test bodies and national regulatory enforcement authorities. As such, it also incumbent on specifiers to understand and comply with these requirements.

While the UK is in its Brexit transition stage, the full effects of the CPR remain current until at least 31st December 2020. Thereafter, the UK government can, if it so wishes, pass legislation which will alter this situation.

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