Jane Thornback

Sustainability Policy Advisor

E-mail: jane.thornback@constructionproducts.org.uk

Jane is a sustainability policy specialist with over 30 year’s experience within the construction manufacturing, natural resource and biodiversity sectors.  She has been Sustainability Policy Advisor at the Construction Products Association since 2005.  She manages the CPA’s Sustainability Committee and is responsible for monitoring and interpreting UK sustainability policies and contributing to the ongoing dialogue with government of how to deliver a sustainable built environment. 

Jane liaises closely with government departments and their agencies as well as research bodies and the wider construction industry. She is Co-Secretariat with BEIS of the government industry Green Construction Board, and Co-Chairs the GCB’s Resources and Waste Working Group.  Jane is also a member of the BSI Standards Committee B/558 on assessment of sustainability performance of construction works including construction products, which is the Standards body for Environmental Product Declarations.

Jane has co-authored a variety of reports including A Guide to Understanding the Embodied Impacts of Construction Products, Water Efficiency – the Contribution of Construction Products, a Zero Avoidable Waste Routemap for Construction, a Knowledge Resource for Circular Economy in Construction, and an Olympics Learning Legacy Paper .  She is the Editor of the CPA Briefing Papers series on Sustainability.