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The CPA's sustainability policy work has two principal aims: to ensure manufacturers are kept up to date with information and insight into the rapidly changing landscape of sustainability and Net Zero policies that will impact both their manufacturing process and the markets in which their products will be sold, and secondly to contribute to and influence the evolving policy agenda within government so that regulation and initiatives are based on sound concepts and standards. 

Our Sustainability intelligence work helps manufacturers to consider the challenges and opportunities of sustainability and Net Zero within their business strategy planning.

Addressing climate change is now a political and societal priority.  Its impacts will have a profound effect on our way of life. Construction product manufacturers are central to the changes.  

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An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document that provides information about the environmental impact of a construction product through its life cycle from extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, transport to and installation on a construction site, through repair and maintenance to end of life and waste management.

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At every stage of the construction lifecycle there are different opportunities for different professions to optimise the amount of materials used, to reduce waste and to reuse or recycle products, components and buildings. 

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Manufacturers of construction products rely on water for a wide variety of purposes. Many have sought to improve the efficiency of water use in their manufacturing processes as part of general efficiency gains.

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CPA's procurement guidance tool has been designed to help procurers implement the government’s balanced scorecard approach in construction. It signposts procurers to evidence provided by construction product manufacturers in response to procurement questions about a broad range of topics in the balanced scorecard.

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The CPA has produced a range of Discussion and Briefing Papers on sustainability topics relating to construction product manufacturers.

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The CPA works to develop consultation responses, industry viewpoints and engagement across the sustainability themes of industrial decarbonization and Net Zero ambitions, sustainability measurement and reporting, resource efficiency and the circular economy, and innovative research.


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