Industry Leadership


Construction product manufacturers are at the heart of innovation within the construction industry, with manufacturing businesses tending to have higher R&D levels than construction generally.

An increasingly digital future for construction is emerging, where designs incorporating standardised components can flow straight from an architect’s BIM model on to manufacturers’ production lines. A future where a growing share of the value of the construction effort is manufactured in facilities far from a building site. And vitally, in a post-Grenfell world, one where materials firms can deliver ever higher standards of product reliability and verifiability.

Many construction product firms are already confronting this challenge, often in the face of serious regulatory, commercial and technical challenges. Whether it’s through offsite methods of construction driving productivity, the adoption of digitalised manufacturing processes, or addressing the sustainability agenda, CPA members continually create value for the UK’s economy and society.

Explore some of the ways CPA members are innovating in the case studies below.