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Economic Insight

The CPA's economics team provides our members with a range of market information, analysis and forecasts covering all aspects of the UK construction sector. The Association's aim is to support market growth by providing insight into the state of the construction products manufacturing and construction sectors.

Our authoritative economic insights provide members, policy-makers, the media and wider industry with a detailed understanding of the construction market to facilitate planning and business development.

The Construction Industry Forecasts provides forecasts across 30 industry sectors, including house building, roads, rail, offices, schools and hospitals. Forecasts for all sectors are published quarterly and accompanied by comprehensive analysis in the Summer, with shorter update reports, focusing on areas of change and the latest industry developments, in Spring, Autumn and Winter. 

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The Construction Trade Survey provides a quarterly, pan-industry assessment of current and expected conditions within construction. Analysing a range of independent surveys – building contracting, specialists work, civil engineering and product manufacturing – the Construction Trade Survey offers an overall view of the whole industry in one convenient document.

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Underpinned by a comprehensive survey of our members, the CPA State of Trade Survey provides timely analysis of current trends in the construction products manufacturing sector and an assessment of likely trading conditions going forward. In addition to sales, the report includes analysis of trends in employment, cost inflation, capacity utilisation and international trade. It distinguishes between the experience of manufacturers of heavy side products (typically used in the early stages of the construction process) and light side firms (producing products used internally and at a later stage in the build).

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The Market Intelligence publications include key economic, construction, building products and housing information from data sources including the Office for National Statistics, the Bank of England and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) that is updated as soon as data is published.

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The CPA economics team produces a number of research papers relating to the construction industry. Most notable is our annual Regional Construction Hotspots Report - a forward-looking analysis of construction activity by region and sector - produced in collaboration with Barbour ABI. 

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The Construction Industry Forecasts Summary provides a condensed version of our more detailed forecasts. These are produced bi-annually, in the Summer and Winter, and provide a more succinct overview of our forecasts.

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Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the CPA’s economics team has been assessing some of the key issues for the UK economy and construction and a ‘live’ briefing paper is available for CPA members.

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Forecasting and Monitoring

The CPA's range of forecasts, surveys and information sheets are primarily used for business planning by multinationals and SMEs alike from across the construction supply chain, including contractors, consultants and manufacturers. 

Members of the Association are entitled to receive these insights at no additional cost. Non-members can make one off purchases or subscribe for a full information package.




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