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Total UK Construction Output

In our latest blog, Noble outlines the latest stats in the total UK construction output, pre and post-Covid. The piece compiles data from different sectors including private house building, private housing RM&I whilst looking at construction output price inflation.

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The Building Products & Services Sector: what can we expect to see in 2023?

In the wake of COVID-19, the Building Products and Services (BP&S) sector experienced strong recovery and in areas such as residential improvement, high growth. Geopolitical challenges and the impact of Government leadership changes are now creating stronger headwinds for the sector with overall growth forecasts tailing off, especially in residential improvement and housebuilding. But exciting prospects lie ahead, driven by underlying long-term demand for housing and better infrastructure, the shift towards energy efficiency, sustainability and decarbonisation, plus the evolution of technology. Structural changes in the regulatory landscape will also create long-term opportunities for the sector.

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Moving to a W-Shaped Scenario

CPA Senior Economist, Rebecca Larkin, explores the impact of a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus infections and a second national lockdown on economic and construction industry forecasting.

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Green Homes Grant: a stimulus that should be sustained

In a guest blog, CPA Associates BDO LLP, make the case for an extension of the green homes grant scheme, both as a positive and longer-term stimulus to the private RM&I sector, and as a more substantial contribution to the green agenda.

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