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The CPA's technical team aims to influence national and regional policy to deliver improved regulatory and standards frameworks for construction product manufacturers. As well as influencing, the Association delivers tools and knowledge to its members on current and proposed regulations, standards and policy agendas.

Our Technical and Regulatory Intelligence work is helping to reduce risk and improve safety in the built environment, whilst also preparing our members for the transition to a digital construction industry. 

Digitalisation is the leveraging of digital information into processes to improve business. Many other industries have successfully digitalised and the resulting efficiency and quality of doing so is clear. Whilst much of the construction industry utilises digital techniques, there is still need to fully digitalise its approaches and synchronise.

CPA is spearheading this work with projects to facilitate interoperable information exchange, ensure products on buildings are digitally traceable, and to digitally connect the construction supply chain.

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In the wake of the Grenfell tower fire, the construction industry has been set the challenge of radical and fundamental transformation. The Industry Response Group (IRG) was formed to work alongside government in coordinating and implementing those changes. Dame Judith Hackitt’s seminal Independent Review of the Building Regulations and Fire Safety: Final Report (Hackitt Report) identified that the construction regulatory system was unfit for purpose and outlined proposals for regulatory reform and how industry needed to change the principles on how it operated.

As a member of the IRG and strong contributor and champion of the Hackitt Report, CPA has been leading and collaborating on projects to pioneer industry culture change. Working in collaboration with government and across the industry in a non-siloed approach, CPA leads on key projects include raising the bar on the competence of the industry; ensuring marketing and product information is robust, clear and transparent; and the reviewing of construction product testing.

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The Construction Products Regulation sets down the rules under which construction products are marketed within the UK and the EU-27 Member States. Its aim is to break down technical barriers to trade in construction products within the European Economic Area.

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The CPA has identified a range of policy areas, as well as regulatory and standards frameworks that are of particular pertinence to its members.

The Association works to develop consultation responses and industry viewpoints across these priority areas, working closely with its relevant committees to both influence and inform.


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