Technical and Regulatory

Building Safety


In response to chapter 5 of the Hackitt Report, the Industry Response Group set up the Steering Group on Competence for Building a Safer Future, also known as the Competence Steering Group (CSG), with Graham Watts (CIC) serving as chair and Peter Caplehorn (CEO, CPA) as Deputy Chair. This group brings together more than 150 organisations from across the construction, built environment, fire safety and owner/manager sectors competence of those procuring, designing, constructing, inspecting, assessing, managing and maintaining buildings.

Emanating from this group are 13 working groups:

  • Overarching Competence Body (WG0)
  • Engineers (WG1)
  • Installers (WG2)
  • Fire engineers (WG3)
  • Fire risk assessors (WG4)
  • Fire safety enforcing officers (WG5)
  • Building standards professionals (WG6)
  • Building designers, including architects (WG7)
  • Building safety managers (WG8)
  • Site supervisors (WG9)
  • Project managers (WG10)
  • Procurement professionals (WG11)
  • Products competence (WG12)

CPA lead on WG12 – Products competence, co-chaired by Hanna Clarke (CPA) and Douglas Masterson (GAI) and deputy chaired by Joe Cilia (FIS). The scope of this work covers competence required for interactions with all construction products that are a fixed part of completed assets. WG12 established the qualities needed for the competent selection and implementation of products throughout an asset’s life.

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