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BSI Identify

For construction product manufacturers of any size, there is no default mechanism that enables control, maintenance and dissemination of up-to-date product information through the design, build and maintain lifecycle.

A tailored approach to product identification in the Built Environment (BE) using Digital Object Identifier (DOI) technology will provide a unique identifier for a construction product and a key piece of digital infrastructure to support the management, flow, access to and long-term persistence of its information within the BE supply chain.

A DOI can be attached to or embedded in a product within an RDF tag, QR code or barcode. Once embedded it can be scanned with an app which will direct to a website that can provide a level of information on that product. That data is updatable, can link to manufacturers’ own website as well as other product resources and can identify product availability or alternatives. Importantly, the website will be persistent, and the information will not be lost.

This project is being done in partnership with BSI and is led by BSI.

For more information, contact Hanna Clarke or Will Johnson-Marshall.